About me

From the first moment when I saw a clock with nixie tubes, I was fascinated and obsessed by owning such a clock, no matter what the cost.

And it should cost …. namely apprentice’s due, patience and plenty of time.

The first clock, which I bought on the Internet, simply didn’t corresponded in any way to my quality standards. On closer inspection, electronics and designs were far from what I expected. Appearance, finish and design of the clock case was also very poor. I was immeasurably disappointed.

As a self-confessed perfectionist, I started to experiment with electronic kits from the internet. After numrous attempts in this direction, I soon realized that this is not leading me to what I had imagined as well. What to do ?

In addition to upgrading my existing machinery, the electronic workplace had to be adjusted accordingly as well. Only now it was possible to build the watch case and the appropriate electronics according to my own ideas and imagination.

Short after, my first self-made nixie clock stood in front of me.
Friends and acquaintances, who saw the clock were quickly impressed and wanted nothing more than to own one of these fascinating clocks. At this time I would not have dreamed that out of a passion, a business model would emerge.
Soon after, the idea was born to produce short run’s of nixie clocks professionally.

The result of my passion you will see on the following pages. Let yourself be
enchanted by the warm glow of the nixie tubes and watch the time in a exceptionally different form.

Each clock is Swiss made and carefully hand-crafted. Very short runs make any
nixieclock to a unique piece of art.

Have I inspired you and aroused your interest? Contact me with your ideas and
wishes, I will be happy to build an outstanding and one of a kind nixie clock for you.

Sascha Zeier