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The term “nixie clocks” refers generally to clocks which use nixie tubes to display the time. nixieclock® is using exclusively tested NOS (new old stock) tubes from stocks of past decades. However, these tubes are new and unused.
The matching clock electronics components are at the highest technical level with intelligent circuits using 64MHz microcontrollers. For example, the heart of time keeping is an extremely accurate RTC quartz with automatic temperature compensation and an accuracy of <1 min / year!
nixieclock® desktop clocks are exclusively hand made in Switzerland.
Each clock is a unique piece of art.

The principle of nixie tubes found it’s way to industrialy made displays and many other devices in the mid 1950’s. Under the former project name „Nixie“ (Numeric Indicator eXperimental No.1) the U.S. Company „Burroughs Corporation“ introduced the tubes in 1954.

Predating LED, LCD and other contemporary displays technologies, the nixie tube is one of the most ancient display technologies and already known in the 1920’s.

In the following decades (mid 1950’s to late 1980’s) nixie tubes served especially for display in counters, measuring instruments and calculators, but were also found in aircraft cockpits, displaying various parameters.
In the late 1980’s and with the advent of 7-segment fluorescent displays (VFD tubes) came the slow end for the consuming to produce nixie tubes. They became obsolete and production has been discontinued.

Even after more than 50 years of history one thing has remained…. the unique light pattern and warm glow of the legendary nixie tubes is still fascinating and inspiring people around the world…

Operating principle of a nixie tube                                 Operating principle of a VFD tube

Operating principle of a nixie tube