// Nixie Clocks / 8-6 Aluminium / Specifications


  • Easy to handle settings by using one single button (Rotary encoder)
  • 12/24 hours display mode
  • Time and date display (Date displaying mode adjustable)
  • Automatic leap year setting
  • Automatic DST daylight‐saving time setting
  • Built in calendar until 2099
  • Built­‐in brightness sensor
  • Programmable day/night tube brightness
  • Back-up battery for the event of power breakdown

Technical specifications

  • Operating voltage:               12V DC
  • Power consumption:             8,4 Watts
  • Size (LxWxH):                      19.5x5x8.5 cm (height including the tubes)
  • Weight:                                 520 grams
  • 100-240V adaptor for EU is included
  • USA, Asia and other countrys may require a socket adaptor (not included)